About Us


Our app creates a virtual Protection Zone around each individual via their mobile device.


The app communicates the user's (anonymized) location coordinates to all nearby certified automated vehicles.


The app's data augments the vehicle's sensor input to ensure the pedestrian is recognized and tracked to prevent any collisions.

!important develops safety technologies to detect & protect vulnerable road users, like: Pedestrians, People in wheelchairs, Bicyclists, Motorcyclists. We offer technologies for various industries, such as: automotive, school buses, commercial fleets, construction, mining, city planning.

2019 - Top 30 Startups of Silicon Valley - Alibaba Jumpstarter (China)
2020 - World Top 150 Startups in Mobility - LKYGBPC (Singapore)
2021 - World Top 10 Startups - GAMIC (USA)

Our Technology

Download the !important App.
Start Saving Lives.

Download the !Important app.
Start saving lives